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First of all, thank you for stopping by and checking out our adoption profile page. We are beyond blessed to have anyone take a moment of their time to get to know us a little better. 

We are Colby and Shayda Baker. We've been married for almost 10 years and have had the opportunity to bring three wonderful children into our lives, Meilah, Crew and Brody. As a family, we are excited to grow our family through the process of private adoption. We hope we can give you a glimpse into our lives to help you get to know us better and see how much love we have to share. 



        We love spending time together as a family. Both of us were raised with the mindset that family is everything and we hope to instill that into our children as well. It is rare that we aren’t spending time together. As a family, we love to play games, have dance parties, go camping, watch movies, play make believe, spend time outside and going on vacations. We also love getting together with our extended family and see them at least once a week, usually more. We’re always coming up with reasons to get together with the cousins and making memories with them. Our cousins are just like siblings to us and we love the close relationships we have with each other. 

        Something important to us as parents is giving our children the opportunity to do what they love, excel at the things they are good at and improving themselves. We love having the kids sign up for the activities or sports they want to do. We make sure to help the kids see how much they improving so they can be motivated to keep going. We love cheering them on and watching them do the sport or activity they enjoy. 

        We recently found our dream home and moved to a quiet town in Utah. We quickly fell in love with our new neighborhood and feel like we are home and where we’re meant to be. Our kids love their new school and the friends they’ve made, and we love the opportunities and adventures we can find here in this small town. We couldn’t ask for a better place to raise our children. 

        We work hard to make sure our children know how much we love and care for each of them. We try to keep an open relationship with them so they know they can come to us anytime, for the good or the bad. Our love is unconditional, and we want them to always remember that.  We strive everyday to make sure they know that we are there for them and want to be their bestfriend that they can talk to anytime and about anything going on in their lives.

        We have a strong belief in our Heavenly Father and want our children to grow up knowing Him and his love for them. We have found strength through God to get through difficult times and want our children to have that same strength to face any challenges that come their way. 

        We cannot express enough how important family is to us. We have so much love for each other as a couple and the love for our children is ‘to eternity and beyond’. We’ve known for a while that adoption is how we will grow our family and love even more.

Our Story


        Colby and I met at unexpected times. Neither of us were looking for a relationship at the time but I guess God knew when it was the right time. I avoided going on our first date for as long as possible but couldn’t resist it for too long. Colby made sure to have our first date be absolutely perfect. We had dinner at Texas Roadhouse, had fun taking pictures around the Gateway, gave Big Macs to homeless people around Salt Lake and sent off giant paper airplanes off a cliff by the Capitol. I remember sitting at a stoplight on our way home and looking over at Colby thinking “Where did this guy come from and is he really everything I’m looking for?”. I had a list of five specific things I was looking for and sitting at that light, I realized Colby met all of those things. I wasn’t expecting to find someone like him right then but I’m sure glad I finally said yes to our first date.

        Our love grew quickly and marriage was in the talk pretty quick too. I remember the first time Colby told me he loved me. I had just shared something with him that I had never told anyone. I was scared I would be judged and denied. But instead of turning away, he looked over at me and said, “I think right now is the perfect time to tell you I love you.” I will never forget that moment of complete acceptance and love in his eyes. It is a testament of how Colby unconditionally still loves me, despite my flaws. Even though I wasn’t expecting love at the time, I am grateful for the curveball thrown my way.

        We still took our time getting to know each other, building a strong relationship and ended up getting married on the anniversary of our first date, July 26, 2012. While we were dating, we had talked about our future family, how many kids we wanted and the idea of adopting someday. Over the next several years, we were able to bring each of our three children into our world. Each pregnancy became more and more difficult, and I was put on bedrest earlier and earlier with each one. My preeclampsia was setting in earlier and earlier with each child. All three of the kids were delivered early via induction and after Brody, we knew it was time we needed to stop having any more biological children. It was becoming too risky for my health as well as the baby’s.

        It wasn’t long after Brody was born that Colby and I both had separate, but very strong spiritual impressions that we were to start the adoption process. I had been having a feeling of missing a child ever since Brody was born but didn’t think much about that feeling until the day we were blessing Brody during our church service. Colby leaned over to me and said there was a child we were supposed to bring into our family and we need to start looking. We couldn’t deny the overwhelming feelings we both had and started on our journey which brings us here.

        We know we have so much love as a family that we can offer to others. We have learned a lot about the adoption process and already have so much love for this child and the family that comes along with them. We love the idea of having an open adoption and see it as a way to grow our love even more, not only to the child, but to all of those who love this child as well. We know this decision does not come lightly to anyone, and we appreciate you taking the time to get to know us and see what our family is all about.  


Colby is an amazing father and my best friend. He is always making sure we have what we need and taking care of us. He works hard every day so we can continue to do the activities we love and live in this beautiful home and neighborhood. He is strong willed and teaches our children how to think for themselves and do the things they love.

He is very aware of what each of us need individually and makes sure to show us love in the way we all need it. He helps us remember to not always be so serious and take the time to forget about the stresses in life. All of the kids love Colby and run to him the minute he walks in the door. Colby loves to hunt, explore the mountains, watch movies, play video games and relax, but most of all he loves to spend time as a family



I can confidently say that Shayda is my best friend and I cannot imagine my life without her.  She has an amazing spirit of selflessness and works to make sure everyone else's needs are met before her own.  My children adore her and I would be a proud father if my daughter turned out to be just like her.  She is a great wife and does more for our family than I could ever imagine doing without her.

Due to her hard work and selflessness we all enjoy a comfortable and happy home.  She makes sure that all of the activities, sports and events are in place for each of our children to grow spiritually, emotionally, socially and physically to get closer and closer to their fullest potential.  For me, she is my rock that supports me no matter what.  I feel like I can accomplish so much more as she supports me and stands by my side which she does without wavering.  I feel incredibly lucky to have her as the mother to my children and as my best friend.



Meilah cannot wait until she can be a big sister again. She is our mini mama who loves to help take care of everyone else. She is incredibly smart, loves school, loves to learn, easily makes friends and is always coming up with a new craft or treat. Meilah plays soccer, does tumbling and horseback riding. We tease that she is our little Matilda. 

When we talk to Meilah about adoption, she gets a big smile and always asks when it will happen. She is the best big sister and her brothers look up to her already. 



Crew is our sweetheart. He is always thinking of others and what he can do to make them happy. He never wants to disappoint and is one of the best friends anyone could have. Crew loves to give hugs and is mamas cuddle buddy. He is amazing at wrestling, has fun at soccer and loves his video games like his daddy.

Crew is patiently impatient when it comes to adoption. He is always asking when it will happen and says he can't wait to hold a new baby. He's always looking out for his siblings no matter what.



Brody is our wild one. He is always keeping us on our toes and making sure we all know he's there. He came out running at birth and hasn't stopped since. He tries to keep up with his older siblings and doesn't let anything get in his way. Brody has a special spirit about him and can make anyone's day better just by giving them his famous Brody Hug.

Brody is too young to fully understand adoption, but we know he'll be the one to bring adventure into any child's life.

To You


We want you to know that your child will be loved unconditionally, just like the love we show to Meilah, Crew and Brody. We will strive to raise them to become the best version of themselves and to always know that we are there to support them no matter what. 

We know that the decision to place your child with a family is not an easy one. We also know that it takes an incredible amount of love and selflessness to make this decision as well. Your child will always know where they came from and know their story from the beginning. They will always know the love that you have for them, no matter what type of relationship you have. We would love to share an open adoption to be able to share updates, activities, celebrations, etc., to whatever level of communication that fits all of us. 

We are Homestudy approved and ready to begin the adoption process. If you think we might be a good fit for you and your child, don't hesitate to reach out and contact us. We would love to get to know you!


The Baker Family

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